Question Ryzen 3600 weird temperatures, voltage, performance, overclocking

Dec 30, 2020

I recently bought Asrock B550m-itx/ac with Ryzen 3600 (using stock cooler)

I have updated by bios and chipset from MB manufactures page and I am using Ryzen balanced plan with no changes in the bios, with exception to Fan curves and enabling XMP for 3000Mhz memory). For monitoring I use Ryzen master and before making this post, also downloaded HWInfo to double check the info I am providing. The numbers and temperatures are basically the same even if I open my PC case (so high temps in the case is not the issue). The cpu idles between 55-60c (but I have very gentle low temp fan speed, as I prefer low noise over low idle temp)

When testing cpu in the Cinebench r20 with default settings, I have noticed weird behavior. Upon starting the multicore test, my CPU will instantly jumps to 3950 Mhz (never reaching advertised 4.2, even thought I read somewhere that this advertised number might be just for the single core performance.. not sure) and more importantly, It will also very quickly (within 20 sec) reaches 95c and clock will start to decrease. At the end of the test it will be around 3850Mhz. Voltage starts at 1.26 according to Ryzen master and 1.21 according to HWinfo (Core X VID) and slowly drops as test progresses together with clocks.

I know stock cooler sucks, but I find it hard to believe that it would not be able to save the processor from overheating while operating in stock. The voltage here does not seem to high, but the temperature is just crazy.

Now the weirder part, When I change the settings in Ryzen master to manual, set the Clock speed to 4175 Mhz on all cores and set voltage to 1.1v (no other changes made), the same Cinebench test will run with all core 4175 Mhz and max temps at 85c (with much lower fan speed, so it might be even lower if I had it maxed like the stock is at 95c).

Like.. I know manual overclocking can provide a bit better results than stock options, but this seems like the stock operation is completely off. The stock options give CPU much more Volts, having worse frequency and worse temps... Before upgrading BIOS I also had a problem that the CPU would just idle at constant 1.3v but update fixed it.

Any idea what could be wrong here and what could I try to get the stock operate at lower temps? I really didn't want to do any manual overclocking, maximally some low voltage offset (which does not seems to be possible on my MB), but now I am forced to setting clocks and voltages manually which I don't really like. Also both things are withing 14 days of purchase, so I could return them, but I am not sure if anything is actually faulty.

Edit: To make things even weirder, I just checked some reddit posts about overclocking ryzen 3600 and people there sometimes weren't even able to hit 4.2 with much higher voltage.. like 1.35 and here I am hitting it with just 1.1.
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