Question Ryzen 3600x Heat Issues. 93c-105c HELP!

Nov 4, 2019
I am hoping that someone can help with my heating issues.
I am starting to experience shutdowns due to extreme chip overheating.
Some stats..
Windows 1903 with Ryzen balanced plan enabled.
Corsair H100i AIO water cooling. installed with arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste (maybe put on a touch thick but could not result in these extreme temps)
Corsair Link set to Performance air settings.,
Latest Chipset drivers from AMD page.
Latest MB Bios. - asus Aorus x570 ultra board Bios f5 ( there are a cpl newer bios updates but the MB software doesnt see them as newest and the descriptions for them don't necessarily pertain to my issue.
Bios set to defaults..
Corsair Carbide case.. plenty of airflow
Is the pump an old one from another build?

What header is pump plugged into? (Indications that it is pumping are not the same as it actually pumping, and, pumps often fail/degrade after a few years due to algae/hard water deposits/gunk, fouling up the pump internals...)

UNless you are positive this pump is good (hard to build that case without testing the entire affair elsewhere), I'd perhaps use the sink/fan the CPU came with...if all is well then, then you know you have no mainboard/cpu, excessive voltage issues, etc...
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Double-check that the pump is plugged in and working.

If you screwed the CPU block screws all the way in one go each, one side may be over-tightened and not allowing the block to sit evenly across the IHS. In this case, you could try backing off the screws 2-3 turns, re-tighten opposite corner screws to similarly snug, then take turns evenly tightening screws some more to apply even pressure and let excess paste ooze out.
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Nov 4, 2019
Thanks.. I did install the stock AMD Wraith fan... seems to be keeping cool.
Either I did install the water block unevenly or something crapped out internally with the pump.
It is about 4 years old and an All in one.. worked fine when It took it off for the upgrade.
also seemed to work find for the last 2 weeks.. and the software showed it pumping properly with the heat temp on the waterblock also raising in temp.
that is the only reason I did not immediately home in on that for the cause.
I will play around with the water block and a fresh coat of thermal and report back.
but I am sitting around 40c right now.. so clearly it was a waterblock issue.
Thanks for the quick response im just happy its not an RMA situation.