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Question Ryzen 3600X with R1 Ultimate Temps

Jun 2, 2019
I recently upgrade my pc, from 4690k to Ryzen 3600X, what i notice in my ryzen is that its temp is really high, it range from 48-51 C idle, and during stress test it go up to 70-78C with my R1 Ultimate, airflow is not an issue here cause i have a custom pc desk with a wide space for airflow, my temp with 4690k and R1 Ultimate was 30-35C idle and 60 max during stress test,

Here's my current build
Cpu - Ryzen 3600X
Cooler - R1 Ultimate
Mobo - B450 aorus pro
PSU - seasonic prime 850 gold
Ram - corsair lpx 8gb x 2
Storage - 2 x 2tb wd caviar blue
- 250gb kingston SSD
Fans - 4 x 140mm cougar (one that is airflow optimized) and 2 x 85mm fans (generic fan for hdd cooling only)

Btw. Im thinking to custom loop and remake my custom pc desk, but not sure that will solve my temps with ryzen