Question Ryzen 3700x Locking Down Core Speeds?

Nov 25, 2019
Hello, recently changed from Intel to AMD. Ryzen 3700x, TUF Gaming X570-Plus Mobo, all Default BIOS settings. Issue has happened on several different BIOS versions, now on the most recently avail BIOS. Ryzen High Performance Power Plan.

Issue: I have noticed that on some boots, the system is "locking down" some of my cores. The most recent time I caught it, cores 1-4 were locked at 533Mhz.

When it boots into this "mode", obviously processing is much slower. System Monitor is clocking the system at sub 1.0Ghz as the speed.

A reboot almost always fixes the issue.

Wondering if there is a BIOS setting that is on default (auto), that should be set to something else? I am not interested in OCing, just stability.

As a secondary question, any guides on Ryzen 7 BIOS settings that should be taken off of the defaults? Difficult to find BIOS information that is not related to overclocking for someone new to AMD chips.

AMD Ryzen 3700x - Stock Cooler
Asus TUF Gaming X570 BIOS 1404
32Gig DDR4 3600 Ram
Gigabyte NVidia 2070
What are your idle temps? Do they seem reasonable. If your cpu heatsink isnt mounted properly if can cause yhe cpu to throttle back.

If your temps look good, run prime95 what speed does your cpu show? Keep an eye on temps and stop if they hit 90C




May 24, 2017
With these very low clock speeds, you should have very low cpu temperature. (about same as the room temperature).
If CPU temperature is high, its probably a sensor problem and the monitoring program says incorrect speeds.
You can stabilize the speed by entering bios and setting the multiplier, from "Auto" to 36.00(wich is the normal 3700x speed). Also turn off Turbo CPU or boost (Im not familiar with asus bios, so seadch the correct settings ).
Nov 25, 2019
Unfortunately, this isn't a particularly unheard of issue with a few boards, and reboots (temporarily) followed by BIOS patches are the only 'fix'. It's not a setting that's on by default or anything.

IIRC, it cropped up briefly on 2nd Gen too for (maybe) the 2600X..

You're on BIOS rev 1404 that released on the 21st?

Oddly comforting that I am not the only one to experience this specific behavior. I put in a ticket with AMD support, hopefully more reports of it can help track down the cause.

Confimed, I updated to 1404 last night.

Fairly certain it is not a high temperature issue. My average idle temp is ~45C, max under load is in the low 70s.

The BIOS is definitely setting the clock speeds when it causes this, as it is 4 cores with the exact same clock speed set.