Question Ryzen 3800x dropping to 0.5GHz, with power spiking to 200W & 260A at idle?

Jan 22, 2021
Hi all, first time posting anything like this

I built my PC around 6 months ago, and so far it's been great, whilst I haven't touched overclocking at all with regards to the CPU it has been fast enough for anything I'm using it for, so I haven't bothered.
Today however, I've been having some very bizarre issues. Even when sitting at idle, my clock speeds have been randomly dropping from the around 4.3 that it tends to sit at with its own boosting settings (that I haven't touched) to a minimum of 0.5GHz, for completely no reason, even when the load is only at around 5%

It will then for no reason at all come back up to the expected clock speeds completely randomly, the biggest way I noticed this was the severe frame drops I was having every few seconds when gaming, but once I looked in task manager I saw the speed was so severely limited.

I've downloaded Ryzen Master to see if I could spot anything, but the pump on my aio is working totally normally, the maximum temp my package has seen since restart (with no gaming) is around 60, and it is often dropping to as low as 37 degrees when the clock speed plummets.

The most bizarre thing I noticed by change was the 'TDC' and EDC' of the cpu, (which apparently are sustained and peak current limit of the cpu) shown in the advanced section of Ryzen Master, seem to show a reading of sometimes almost 250% whenever I have a clock speed drop. This would also seem to be supported by the sudden spikes to almost 200W and 260 A being drawn, shown on hwmonitor even when cpu usage isnt being touched, and I'm only doing something like using a pdf viewer. The timing of the power spikes seems to coincide with clock speed dropping

If anyone has experienced this or knows what it could be related to, any help would be greatly appreciated... I've emailed AMD, but who knows how long that might take, so I was hoping I might find some additional suggestions from some of the geniuses on here


P.s. I have had other people tell me about changing the power plan, but I have fiddled around with these after the issues arose, I was already on high performance, I've never normally seen the clock speed drop this low
latest AMD chipset driver, latest mainboard BIOS?

Reseat CPU? (inspect underside pins , presence of debris, or any damage to mainboard socket)

It sounds as though the mainboard is kicking in power limit mitigations, but, as to if the mistake is caused by the mainboard, CPU , or software could be difficult in narrowing out...

Might want to eliminate any other unnecessary add-ins /potential loading to the system , extra drives, unneeded RGB, extra internal storage, during testing, etc...