Question Ryzen 3800X & RTX 3070 Ti issues ?


Nov 5, 2014
Hey guys,

Before I start, I did read the thread on toms hardware about things to test first when troubleshooting, and have been able to test most of them.

So I built a new PC:

Aorus B450 Elite V2
Ryzen 3800X
16gb ddr4 3200mhz corsair vengeance RAM
EVGA RTX 3070ti FTW3 Ultra

Initially I was running off of my GTX 10603gb, before I bought the 3070ti. Whole rig was an upgrade from an i7 rig. All parts are new except for my two SATA SSD's, and my PSU (Corsair CX650m). My main C: drive with windows is installed on a new M.2 gen 3 NVME drive which I tested in crystal disk mark and everything checks out.

The GTX 1060 obviously is pretty dated and performs as expected with relatively low framerates and inconsistencies but def playable, so the 3070ti was the obvious jump for me.

While I am getting great framerates, I am experiencing freezes and stutters at key moments in games. In COD Cold War, it happens just AFTER the killcam, when I click to respawn. The entire game will freeze for 1-2 secs and audio skips. Additionally, when changing/selecting different weapon classes before spawning, the actual bitmap/portrait image of the guns and its attachments will be missing parts of the weapon/image and then load a second/half a second later, as if theres a delay in the ability to draw that texture/image.

In fortnite there is all sorts of issues, and its clearly when there are new assets appearing/being loaded into the scene. The most outrageous occurrence was when someone shot a rocket near me in team rumble and the whole game froze up and started lagging when the explosion happened. As if it struggled to load in the effects and stuff.

The bizarre thing is that the framerates are amazing outside of these incidents...

1.) I am using a daisychained PCI-E power connector from the PSU (a single 8 pin connector to dual 6+2)
2.) The PSU was bought in 2017 and is a 650w.
3.) I ran windows memory diagnostics and found no issues.
4.) I have updated/flashed my motherboard bios to latest version.
5.) I have reinstalled first my GPU/Nvidia drivers and even tried older drivers to see if it made any difference and it did not.
6.) I have completely reinstalled windows and it made no difference.
7.) crystal disk mark shows my NVME sequential read and write speeds as being the correct advertised speeds.
8.) I have ran the GPU in debug mode from nvidia control panel and it made no difference.
9.) enabled & disabled XMP profile in bios. XMP profile disabled made no difference other than losing like 20 frames in games.

I have an additional 8 pin modular PCI-E cable on the way from corsair (ordered on amazon) and will attempt two dedicated cables as opposed to the single daisychained cable, however multiple people told me this is probably not the problem and I feel like it probably isn't either.

I spoke with some of you on the Tomshardware discord and thought I fixed this but it is not fixed. Am I going to need to RMA my RTX 3070ti? I am very worried about it as EVGA has a waiting list for RMA's bc of the shortage and I know its going to be a nightmare. Is there anything else I can test or try?
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