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Question Ryzen 3900X voltage


May 26, 2015
Hello, I recently acquired a 3900x CPU and I am experiencing several cases that I do not know if they would be normal.
The first is the high idle voltage, while idling the voltages do not drop below 1.38v, ranging from 1.44v to 1.38v, although I have to say that this is caused by the iCue software. But deactivating this is not an option for me, since I have several Corsair peripherals, including an AIO.
The other is that even with software that requires few resources, such as browsing Chrome, or playing videos with Windows Media Player, it causes the CPU to be set with frequencies of 4.35 and voltages of 1.45v.
I don't know if all this is normal, or something strange happens that I would have to configure, or something.
The equipment is 3900x cpu, and Aorus Master X570 motherboard, Ram Gskills 32GB 32000Mhz cl16.
In BIOS everything is configured from stock, except the XMP profile that is activated.
Everything is up to date and the energy plan I use is Ryzen balanced.
Greetings and thank you very much.
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Hola, recientemente adquirí una CPU 3900x y estoy experimentando varios casos que no sé si serían normales.
El primero es el alto voltaje inactivo, mientras que los voltajes inactivos no caen por debajo de 1.38v, que van desde 1.44v a 1.38v, aunque debo decir que esto es causado por el software iCue. Pero desactivar esto no es una opción para mí, ya que tengo varios periféricos Corsair, incluido un AIO.
La otra es que incluso con un software que requiere pocos recursos, como navegar en Chrome o reproducir videos con Windows Media Player, hace que la CPU se configure con frecuencias de 4.35 y voltajes de 1.45v.
No sé si todo esto es normal, o sucede algo extraño que tendría que configurar, o algo así.
El equipo es 3900x cpu, y placa base Aorus Master X570, Ram Gskills 32GB 32000Mhz cl16.
En el BIOS, todo está configurado desde el almacén, excepto el perfil XMP que está activado.
Todo está actualizado y el plan de energía que uso está equilibrado con Ryzen.
Un saludo y muchas gracias.
English please.


Nov 23, 2010
The only TRUE voltage is when looking at CPU-Z when on multicore full load. If you are much over the 1.3 mark then you need to dial it down, but idle voltage or single core load over 1.4v is fine. Mine works great with a simple 0.1000v negative offset in bios