Question Ryzen 3950X Freezing, Lag, Stuttering

Jul 27, 2020
Hi All,

I've been having issues with my Ryzen 3950X system since I got it. The vendor I bought the system from (CyberpowerPC) has stopped answering support tickets, and I'm at my wits end with the whole drama. I also don't know how I can go about getting RMA on some parts (like the CPU) when you can't return direct to AMD, and the "supplier" no longer responds to tickets.

Since I got the system, I've been having issues with games stuttering and freezing. This manifests in several different ways depending on the game:

  • Path of Exile: Framerate drops to nothing for several seconds
  • Overwatch: Entire game freezes for 2-5 seconds
  • General applications: mouse can stutter and skip across the screen
So far I've replaced the following components:

  • Memory
  • Power Supply
  • Graphics Card (swapped to a different card for several days, the same problem)
  • Removed accessories, including a sound card I had in the system
  • Replaced DisplayPort Cables
I currently have only the XMP profile active, but I've tried with no overclocks, and the same issue occurred. Temps are all running within acceptable levels (I had to replace the CPU cooler since it shipped with a completely inadequate 120mm radiator.

System specs:

  • CPU: Ryzen 3950X Processor
  • CPU Cooler: 360MM AIO Liquid Cooler
  • Motherboard: MSI MPG X570
  • Video: EVGA RTX 2080 Ti
  • PSU: EVGA 850W
  • HDD1: Samsung NVME
  • HDD2: WD 3TB Drive
  • HDD3: WD 3TB Drive
I'm running the Ryzen High-Performance profile, and I've disabled power saving mode on everything in an effort to troubleshoot. Does anyone have any ideas?
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First thing I hope you upgrade the power supply away from their standard PSU these are complete garbage the cheapest crap they can have made for them.

Last time I worked on a friends Cyperpower PC. He got it and it would barely work having mutable problems.

I think their theory is if it boots ship it then give no support.

This is what I found. None of the Asus drivers were actually install (probably just used what windows installed and called it good) from the latest by ASUS. I installed all the motherboard drivers from their website, water cooler fans were not running they had the pump plugged into the CPU header and the fans plugged into the aux CPU header but had bent one pin completely out of the connection so cooler fans not working, straightened pin and reconnected. This fixed all the problems. Checked in BIOS and DOCP was not even enabled for the memory (XMP).

Looked at the PSU and he decided not to spend money on that then started having reboot problems a few weeks later so I replaced the PSU with a good one. He has had no more problems.

EDIT their also known to using a very cheap motherboard with a higher end CPU that the board was not really designed to support, and / or not adequate cooling.
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Jul 27, 2020
Which drive are the games installed on ?

What drive is your page file on and how large is it ?
Games are all on the NVME Drive.

Page file is on the NVME Drive.

full system spec after replacing compoents? include make and model of the psu

cpu/gpu temp and usage?
test with just the os nvme connected?
CPU/GPU temps are well below thermal throttle, I've been checking on them regularly.
The spinning disks are basically empty -- I have tried with them disconnected.