Question Ryzen 5 1300x VS Ryzen 7 2700x


Dec 10, 2018
What specifically are you trying to find out? Do you have the 1300x right now and you are looking to upgrade? or are you just comparing the processors?
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What resolution are you currently playing at or looking to be playing at?

What motherboard and RAM do you currently have? Is the current GPU going to be suitable for the above target?

On paper, yes the 3xxx series have enough uplift to make the upgrade worthwhile but along with that you have to ask the above questions as well. The increase in cores and threads should be a noticeable increase in any task.

In theory you should be able to just upgrade BIOS and go with the new chip. Your RAM speed will play into performance to some degree and the VRM set on the current motherboard will determine if you can "OC" or even if it will run a good PBO.
Naturally, if (with a BIOS update) your mainboard supports the 3600, it is the best option for gaming of the three listed, albeit a tad more expensive. ( the 3600 has been sighted at ~$175 on Amazon, and due to better IPC, is faster than the 2700X despite the latter's core/thread count advantage. ) If it is too much, the R5-2600/2600X are occasionally on sale for as low as $120, and do nearly as well as the 2700X for gaming anyway in most games...