[SOLVED] Ryzen 5 1600X build troubles

Dec 2, 2018
A while back I purchased a few parts few parts with the intent of building a computer and with this past Black Friday I finally bought a gtx1070 ti because it’s really all I need. I start to install all the parts and once i’m finally finished, I plug it in and turn on the power only to have the alarm LED for the CPU turn on which causes my system to shut off.

My list of parts: Ryzen 5 1600X, MSI B350 Tomahawk, ASUS ROG GTX1070Ti, some honestly random ADATA RAM that was in my old PC 4GBx2, and my CPU cooler is a Corsair H60 but I broke on of the eyelets that hook around the mounting pieces in the mobo bc I’m a dumb brute so I’m currently using some basic cooler master thing with a little blue fan(also poached from old PC).

With all these things in mind, I can’t get my computer to turn on for more than 2 seconds. After doing a decent amount of research I have a feeling it could be the RAM because that’s what a lot of people were running into but the alarm LED didn’t come on for that so I’m not sure. However in an effort to narrow things down, I tried a few different things.

First I realized I slotted the RAM into the mobo incorrectly according to the manual. Once I fixed that, the RAM alarm LED now turns on in addition to the CPU LED. This makes me sense that the RAM could very well be my issue. I tried something different again though, this time I took my Ryzen 5 1600X out and put my old Ryzen 3 1300(I think it’s a 1300?) in this new setup but got the exact same result which further makes me think I just need different RAM.

I went through my entire system thoroughly check everything from all wires being connected to my GPU and CPU being seated correctly. I checked all the pins on my CPU and no issues there. Seeing as how many people have had trouble with RAM compatibility issues I think that’s what the issue is but I just want to be sure before I invest in some. Any and all help is appreciated.


Aug 29, 2010
"some honestly random ADATA RAM that was in my old PC "

Ryzens are really picky with what memory to use from what I know. Look up the specs on AMD for the Ryzen 5 1600x and what kind of memory it supports.

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