Question Ryzen 5 2600 CPU Temps......

Aug 4, 2021
So recently I've noticed my temps have increased and i was curious so i went ahead and did a stress test and here is what i did:
first off i have the glass panel off and i have the stock cooler, mind you it has been 3 years since i bought it never changed my thermal paste
and also keep in mind i have it underclocked at 2.8 Ghz
i did for the first 5 mins a stress test with a house fan directly facing into the pc and the temp was sitting at 71 degrees 100% load
however, once i removed the fan and left it for another 5 mins the temps had risen to 81-83 as shown in the pictures

although when im gaming like playing gta 5 highest graphics full load as well they rise to 90
and my idle temperature is 45-50 with 3-6 % load

so is this temperature fine for my pc at full load and are my idle temperatures good (its hot where i live mid day it reaches 42 degrees and room temperature is usually 30) ?




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