Ryzen 5 2600 PC build not running

Dec 27, 2018
As said, I've got a Ryzen 5 2600, and also an AB350 Pro4 motherboard (note that the box stated that it worked with ryzen 2000 series cpus). My ram is a 8x2gb DDR4 3000. Power supply is the Thermaltake TR2 600w, and a GTX 1060.

Now that's out of the way, heres the problem: When plugged in and powered on, there is not display detected, and shortly after the computer turns off before turning on again. Restarting the process. I've plugged the HDMI cable into my motherboard, and it still shows no display. The motherboard came with a disc, I tried using it but with no success. My ram may be in wrong, however the manual does not seem to be accurate, so I can't tell. All fans spin, gpu, cpu, and case. Lights on case and fans work fine also.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
So are you plugging into the motherboard for display or graphics card? I saw you said you plugged into the motherboard, so that's why I asked. If you are, the 2600 has no graphics, so you need to plug directly into the gtx 1060.

If the bios is in fact not updated, you need to contact AMD. They can provide a boot kit. Basically an old, cheap cpu for you just to use to get running enough to update the bios, then you can reinstall your 2600.

Also, do you have the power plugged in for your gtx 1060? Also, did you plug in the cpu power connector? Usually on the top left side of the board.