Question Ryzen 5 2600's stock cooler on Ryzen 7 5700X


Feb 7, 2007
My build currently has Ryzen 5 2600 installed and it came with a stock cooler. With future in mind, my motherboard's max CPU compatibility is Ryzen 7 5700X. And it does not come with a stock cooler.
So my question is if I were to upgrade my CPU from 5 2600 to 7 5700X, can I just use the 2600's stock cooler on Ryzen 7 5700X CPU? Would it fit?
Your answers would be much appreciate.
Thank you!
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Math Geek

if i recall correctly, there was 2 different coolers. one for the lower end models and a better one for the higher end models.

you'd have the lower end model, so i'd not try to use it on a 5600x. it does not use a ton of power, but more than the 2600 for sure.

you'll want a better cooler for the 5600x for sure. you don't need a $100 super cooler but it will need something better than what you have.
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Dec 30, 2017
A friend of mine recently decided to upgrade and went from R5 1600x to R5 5600x, kept the same cooler despite my initial advice to change it and during gaming he's going into the 80 degrees range which if you ask me for a CPU working at default speeds is a lot. My personal advice here is the same as his, don't use your old cooler, you don't have to spend insane cash on coolers, I've a Segotep cooler with 4 copper heat pipes is enough to keep mine at 50 degrees during all kinds of heavy loads.