Question Ryzen 5 2600x cores oc by itself?

Apr 25, 2019

So i just built my pc with ryzen 5 2600x processor. However I noticed someting strange. When I enter bios, cpu cores are shown to be working at 3.6 ghz. When I open up the pc and open cpu-z or another program, it is shown that my cpu clock are about 4100 mhz and every 5-6 seconds it, some of the cores are downed to around 2700-3000 mhz and up again to 4100 mhz. I saw the difference in individual cores especially in Ryzen Master software. So why are my clocks overclocked to 4100 mhz by itself?
Long story short: since 2008-ish, when Intel introduced "Turbo", most CPUs have now 2 operating frequencies: "all core" and "turbo" (or also referred to as "single core", but not quite right). AMD also has the same idea/concept in their CPUs and all the new ones, from both, can increase their speed as much as the CPU temperature allows and the CPU settings allow (provided you always have enough power).

So, in short, your CPU will try and stay at its max reported speed for as long as the temperature and load allows it to.

If you want to increase the higher speed, you can do so in the BIOS, but you must have more than adequate cooling for it.