Ryzen 5 2600x idle temperature spikes?

Jun 24, 2018
I have a 2600x with a h100i V2 corsair liquid cooling kit and the highest temp it reaches on prime 95 and while gaming is 63C. Yet when i'm idling it keeps spiking up from 27C to 35C then back down and it repeats this pretty much the whole time and all i'll be doing is browsing the internet or using discord etc.

Is this a problem other people have with the 2600x? Could someone help me please. Thanks.

*edit* A couple minutes after I posted I was checking the idle temp again this it spiked to 50C suddenly so idk what that was about.
What you consider 'idle' is not necessarily a condition where Windows is truly doing 'nothing', as there are several little 2 -5 second tasks/services such as updates, indexing, AV updates, cloud storage sync/updates, etc., that occur without your knowledge (short of constant by the second attention to task manager or process explorer, etc...)

I'd not worry much about little 2-3 second spikes in temp by such small amounts. (Perhaps monitoring HWMonitor and Process Explorer will show exactly what is running and what clock speeds are induced dring the spikes in question)


you're fine, I have the same CPU and same cooler on one of my PC's and it does the same thing. temps under load are what you need to more concerned about, from what you are saying your temps are good to go