Question Ryzen 5 3350G has no existent drivers

Jul 1, 2021

My friend bought an assembled PC setup, which came with a Ryzen 5 3350G CPU. The setup has no external GPU, so it uses the CPU's integrated graphics.

The drivers for the GPU are mandatory, since many of the latest games require them. I searched across AMD's website, but I couldn't find the suitable drivers. I only found the one designed for the Ryzen 5 PRO 3350G. I tried my luck downloading this one and I started the Adrenalin software. However, it always stays stuck at "Detecting your system configuration for driver and software compatibility". I think it does so due to the absence of any drivers for this CPU model, searching endlessly for them, because as far as I understand, this software finds the CPU type and then it downloads the actual drivers on its own.

The motherboard drivers for the GPU also fail to install. I tried the DDU software and it still didn't work. I also deleted the AMD folder several times.

I've read somewhere on the Internet that this CPU is an "OEM part" (not sure what that means) and that's why it doesn't have any actual drivers. That person said Ryzen 5 3400G drivers should be compatible with the Ryzen 5 3350G, but I can't download whatever driver I want. AMD website makes me download Adrenalin, which searches the drivers on its own. One possible solution would be to download the actual drivers for the mentioned 3400G or any CPU that has the same iGPU and install them. No idea how though.

Useful information (maybe) below
MB: ASRock A320M Pro4-F
CPU: Ryzen 5 3350G, NOT the PRO one.
He has a good Wi-Fi connection.
Windows has the latest updates done and is installed 2-3 days ago.
Adrenalin version is 21.6.1.
Jul 1, 2021
I downloaded Adrenalin (and installed it, but as I said, it remains stuck) but not from the 3400G web page. It has the same release date, file size and version on any of the CPU drivers page so I think it makes no difference.

Isn't Adrenalin an auto detect tool? That seems to be what it's doing when it is "Detecting your system configuration for driver and software compatibility".


I was talking about the auto detect tool, on the AMD driver support page.

Auto-Detect and Install Updates for Radeon™ Graphics and Ryzen™ Chipset Drivers for Windows®
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