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Nov 17, 2019
is ryzen 5 3500 a good cpu,there is no review available anywhere even on tom's hardware

AMD Ryzen 5 3500 Processor is based on the 7nm Zen 2 architecture with Max Turbo Core Frequency of 4.1GHz and Base Clock Frequency of 3.6GHz. It comes with 6 cores and 6 threads, 19MB Cache (3MB L2 + 16MB L3), Maximum Memory Support of DDR4-3200MHz and Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler. Its massive IPC delivers best-in-class multi-threading performance and single-core performance
To my knowledge the Ryzen 3500 is a OEM only CPU meant for PC makers such as Dell, HP etc and was just acknowledged by AMD. It also lacks the multi threading of the 3600 so its only 6 core 6 thread vs the 6 core 12 threads of the 3600.

Honestly the listing looks sketchy as hell.


May 16, 2014
is ryzen 5 3500 a good cpu,there is no review available anywhere even on tom's hardware
I'm also considering buying the 3500. But you'll have to keep these points in mind:

1). It has lesser threads compared to 1600, 2600 and 3600. Even then, CPU benchmarking websites ranks it better than the 1600 and 2600 because it has better performance.

2). If you are planning on streaming and gaming, and are involved in extensive High end video editing, then it advisable to go with the processor with higher thread counts as well. In this case, 2600 and the 3600 should be your ideal choice. If you're just planning to game, then 3500 is better because it's cheaper in India than the 2600 and 3600.

3). It's details are not available in the AMD website. Although they did release a statement saying that 3500 is genuine and was supposed to be pre-installed in laptops and desktops (OEM). It's just many sellers here in India are selling the processor individually.

4). Based on current Indian pricing:

1600 - 9000 INR ($126)
2600 - 13000 INR ($183)
3600 - 17000 INR ($240)

3500 - 11500 INR ($162)

Since the 3500 is cheaper than the 2600 and way more cheaper than the 3600, many people are interested and even bought the 3500. The same goes for me (I'll buy it, just don't know yet. Dates keep changing as of now)

5). My recommendation would be, if you want, you can go with the 3500 and after receiving it, you can contact the AMD customer care in India and provide them the Serial No. to check whether it is genuine and also that 3 years' warranty is available or not.

6). Reviews are available in youtube, but 95% are from Indian reviewers who have just given us the gaming benchmarks. The famous reviewers were not able to do any reviews because 3500 is not available in their respective countries.

7). I too was skeptical in the beginning, but then I found out that it's being sold in Amazon, MDcomputers, PrimeABGB, etc. It's also available in offline markets in India.
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