Question Ryzen 5 3600 Automatically overclocks itself on boot. What's the cause?

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Apr 10, 2017
Hey there people,

I have a weird problem. Recently upgraded from R5 1600 to an R5 3600 (Brand new) and the CPU is acting all weird now. Let me explain:

Every time I boot the PC from shutdown or hibernate status, my CPU clock is buffed to 4.2GHz (100x41.25 multiplier) and voltages are up to 1.39V
Temperatures are up like crazy. 62+ degrees celsius on boot.
Then I run MSI Command Center to select a manual fan curve profile. As soon as I run the profile, timings go down to 3.20GHz (100x32 multiplier) and voltages are down to 1.10V
But then It's stuck to 3.2GHz.. Doesn't boost the clock while gaming, doesn't underclock automatically while idle. It's just stuck 3.20 after that....

When I boot from hibernate or sleep status, this time the Clock, Temps, and Fan speed is jumping up and down frantically. One second fans run at 80%, then 30%, then 75% etc.

Strangely enough, this is all happening while the windows power setting "AMD Ryzen™ Balanced" is selected.

And no, I don't use MSI GameBoost. I also cleared CMOS to reset BIOS to default. The same issue persists. It's the same PC, same programs were running. No new changes other than CPU upgrade. This wasn't an issue with R5 1600.

Please help me diagnose this strange behavior, Thank you.

EDIT: Video added, at the bottom.

MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock)
GPU: Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 Gaming Advanced 8GB (Stock)
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V 3200MHz CL16 2x8GB (XMP-1)
Cooler: Corsair H60i AIO
SSD: XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 512GB | Samsung 870EVO 1TB
PSU: Seasonic FOCUS PLUS 80+ Gold 650W
Monitor: ViewSonic 24" XG2405 144Hz 1ms
Monitor#2: 23" AOC E2343F 60Hz
HDD: Seagate Barracuda Pro 2TB

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