Question Ryzen 5 3600 possible bottleneck?


Apr 7, 2019
So I'm currently running a 3600 with a 1660 and was looking to upgrade. I've settled on the 6700XT but Im also worried it'll be botlenecked by my 3600. So I've also done a little snooping on the 6650XT, so I was wondering if it was worht the extra $100 if i might not even see a difference in games

There are two other issues im having tho. One is i cant use a card bigger than 2 slots because i have a PCIe wifi card
And the other problem is i have a CX550 so I dont even know if my psu can handle the 6700XT....

well anyways i would appreciate any feedback I get and hope all goes well
The 6700XT is around 10% better than the 6650XT, though unfortunately the 6700XT recommends a minimum 650W GPU while the 6650XT recommends a 550W, which you have. Theoretically you could get away with a 6700XT on a 550W PSU, but adding the other components on your system's power draw and you would be getting a little close to the power ceiling, generally not a recommended setup. You mostly want your PSU at around 50-60% utilization for the best efficiency and safety.

Also the 3600 is a decent and relatively new CPU, so don't worry about any possible bottleneck (for the time being at least). It's a little champ of a CPU (got one in my server rig).
I would go with the 6650XT, but please, look up videos of the 6650XT's performance with the 3600 on the games you plan to play and make sure you're satisfied.