Question Ryzen 5 3600 ridiculous voltage while gaming


Apr 29, 2016
Hey all, SO I put together a new pc a few months ago for mainly CS GO and WoW classic (which a potato can run).

Here is the part list;
(fyi, some parts like the HDD, SSD, case and PSU were reused from my old build to save money)

Anyways, I have updated to the latest bios from the asrock website (they only have Agesa ABB atm and have yet to release ABBA which is ridiculous tbh considering it was released a few months back).

My main concern is that my voltages stay at 1.4v while playing wow classic and CS GO which worries me because I doubt constant 1.4v is good for the CPU. Is there anyway that I can fix this without hindering my performance? This is really frustrating because a game like wow classic shouldnt need close to 1.4v constant to be running sufficiently. I am seriously wishing I just went with an overpriced intel CPU at this point and may do so if this is not resolved (or if my chip gets fried playing wow classic.... lol)

FYI, I use hwmonitor to check voltages

Any suggestions or opinions help. If you have additional questions please let me know! thanks
Yep, 1.4v for the 3600 is fine. It uses those voltages when hitting boost.
If you have it set up correctly and use the right monitoring software (HWInfo64) to check it during the right kind of load (light/bursty... kind of like a Quck Scan in Defender might do) you may find the voltage goes even higher than 1.4 V... maybe 1.45 or even near to 1.5 V at times. Ryzens are designed to do that and AMD's technical marketing guru has even made several Reddit posts and TechTube interviews where he says as much.

It needs higher voltage to remain stable when boosting up it's rated boost speed. The reason it's safe for it is it only does it for 'light bursty' work load that doesn't generate a lot of heat. During a heavy workload it will clock back down with a lower, safe, VCore to match.