Question Ryzen 5 3600 voltage usage high!

Apr 5, 2020
Got my new pc running with Ryzen 5 3600 and the voltages are staying at 1,375v and fluctuating !!!!!!! those values are insane to me and the temps show it too 40-60c on light load? how do i stabilize this? ive tried the powerplans and undervolting to 1v on ryzen master and my pc just shutdown.

Like how do i make it normal ive seen on the amd thread about this on reddit i see the guy having as low as 0,384v on idle meanwhile mine is 1,375.

So this is stated by AMD "Please note that it is totally normal for your Ryzen to use voltages in a range of 0.200V - 1.500V -- this is the factory operating range of the CPU. It is also totally normal for the temperature to cycle through 10°C swings as boost comes on and off. You will always see these characteristics, as they're intended, so do not be surprised to see such values. :) "

The problem is mine doesnt range between 0,200v - 1,500v it just stays at 1,375v and to me that seems dangerous and potentially shortening the cpus lifetime because it heats it up unnecessarily on idle/lightload.

If you are going to recommend me to do something in the bios i need clear instructions my mobo is MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS AM4

BTW max load on cinebench 20 goes up to 87c

ive been on other forums all day but no one is replying and the views on the posts have been on the 100s please someone help ;/