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Question Ryzen 5 3600x is not working correctly

May 31, 2020
Hello. Two days ago my hard disk died, I also have a 500gig ssd where i have windows installed but I immediately felt a performance decrese. Yesterday i bought a new ssd as only having 500gig felt to little, i bought a 1tb samsung evo m.2 ssd. I also wiped my computer and did a fresh intall of everything. Ever since my cpu has not been working properly. It shows as having a clock speed of 4.2 ghz in both task manager and ryzen master but its benchmarking scores are horrible and my fps in gaming is extreamly low. I have a 3600x 16 gig och ddr4 3600mhz ram (xmp enabled) and a 2070 super. My motherboard is a msi b450 tomahawk max. I tried to update to a newer bios, this just locked my cpu at 0.5 ghz. I reinstall chipset drivers from amd, nothing. I Tried game mode in bois but this locked my cpu to 0.5 ghz again. I have reset cmos countelss of times, reseated cpu and ram and have reinstalled windows but nothing works. My temps ave very low, ideling at 34C and not exceeding 50 degrees during benchmarking using user bench, cpu z and performacetest. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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