[SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600x with RX 5700 XT or Ryzen 7 2700x with GTX 2070 Super?

Nov 20, 2019
Which would be a better investment Performance wise? I game mostly in 1080p on 144hz monitor. That would be my Ultimate target, but would be nice to get at least 120 fps or more in 1440p. Which setup would be the better route to take? With Microcenter's month long Black Friday going on, both would be close to the same price. My current build is a 2700x with 1660ti and in Destiny 2 (Which I play the most) I'm averaging 100-120fps on 144hz but still under the 15 day return period so plan on exchanging. The 3700x is an extra $80 over the 2700x and there is a $160 difference in the 5700 XT and $300 difference in the 2070 Super. Advice would be greatly appreciated.


High refresh, I would go with the higher IPC on the 3600. 2700X is nice, and a great deal, but if you are only gaming, IPC is probably better for you.

1080p, the 2070 Super, especially overclocked, is going to have a longer life then the 5700XT. But both are more then capable of 1080p 144hz right now.

For $80 difference, I would be tempted to get the 3700x and stick with the 1660Ti and save a little bit longer for something like a 2080 Super. If this is your last upgrade for a while, then go ahead with the 2070 Super, it will give you more immediate gaming results.