Question Ryzen 5 4500u laptop keyboard gets hot during gaming even though temperatures don't exceed 80degrees Celcius

Aug 6, 2022
Hey all! I have a Lenovo Thinkbook laptop equipped with a Ryzen 5 4500u and 16GB of ram. It never thermal throttles but I intentionally limit the boost clocks through AMD Tuning Utility so it doesn't ever exceed 80degrees during gaming. But even with this modification, the keyboard gets quite hot around the upper left to upper middle parts, which also affects the WASD keys. It isn't dangerously hot but it is distracting and annoying. The laptop is not a gaming laptop or whatever so I understand that the inner layouts aren't designed with the keyboard temps in mind but still it feels kind of wrong.

So my only two questions are: Is this a normal thing that happens to laptops and is it dangerous? (There are no thermal throttling or performance drops whatsoever going on.)