Question Ryzen 5 5600x causing programs and applications to crash

Nov 19, 2020
Hey everyone! Just got the new ryzen 5 5600x upgrading from a ryzen 3 3100, and it seems to be causing all my applications such as steam, browsers, and discord to crash. For example, browsers such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge show a STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION error code often unless I continually refresh the browser. At first I suspected it was a motherboard BIOS issue (B550 Aorus Elite) , however, after updating to the most recent BIOS and appropriate chipset drivers, the issues of crashing still remain. CPU temps and usage look fine based on HWinfo. I also attempted to enable and disable XMP to have no changes. Interestingly enough, when I reinstalled my old CPU, all the applications and programs acted normal and stopped crashing. Not sure how to proceed at the moment and any advice would be appreciated!