Question Ryzen 5 overheating problem

Mar 22, 2019
So the other day I was browsing newegg and decided to buy a new cpu so I took a few days to research and pulled the trigger on a ryzen 5 2600 x. I installed it, nothing too bad, I struggled with the cooler though as I wasnt familiar with the AMD stock coolers. After installing it, it booted up first try and everything seemed fine, so I opened up hwmonitor and saw that the processor was idling at about 90+ degrees (Celsius) so I immediately turned it off I let it sit for a few minutes and made sure the heat sink was applied properly and all the screws were tightened and all of the fans were spinning. So I started it again and same thing 90+ degrees idle so I turned it off again and took the cooler off, the paste and everything looked fine, but I cleaned it off anyways and put new paste on, one pea sized amount. I replaced everything and still overheating at idle, I did this about 2 more times and every time the same result. At this point I have no idea what to do. I've cleaned out my fans made sure they were all blowing fine. I've also tried applying more and less thermal paste to no avail. I'm thinking that I need to get a new cooler but maybe I'm missing something.