Question Ryzen 5600G build, randomly no signal to monitor

Feb 6, 2023
I build my pc 5 days ago and everything was fine until one day my pc monitor just didn't get signal but the pc was working normally. I thought it was because the 4 pin of the 24 pin of the motherboard power was not placed fully in and then disconnected. I then fixed this and thought it will not happen again. But today it happened. Same thing, opening minecraft and after a while monitor signal lost but everything working. I changed Hdmi cable but still didn't work. The only solution is to restart the system by the button. I've deleted and installed the graphics drivers and I'm waiting if it does it again. My motherboard is gigabyte B550M aorus elite.
I can update the bios but they're beta versions, should I?
Does anybody have any solution to this problem or should I use the warranty and send it back?