Question Ryzen 5600x broken pin Resolder

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May 1, 2017
hi guys i got my hands for free a ryzen 5600x with 2 broken pins i pluged in and boots without recognize any sata port ( i want to resolder any suggest ? i have a old Phenom will work

First consideration, of course, is whether you can live without the SATA port. If the ports from the chipset are still functional, and nothing else affected, it might help with that decision.

If you've the soldering iron and soldering skills then proceed with care. I'd suggest practicing on that old Phenom first. I've seen success with this but he had a fully equipped professional grade technician's soldering work station with a microscope to work under.

Another technique I've seen used is to put a piece of wire or component lead in the motherboard socket for the missing pin. It has to be long enough to extend slightly above the motherboard socket to contact the bottom pad of the CPU, where the lead is missing. When the heatsink is clamped on it will press the CPU onto the wire/lead and make contact for full functioning.

People have used a lead removed from an older a Phenom. I've never tried it but there are several success stories. Risks seem lower than accidentally unsoldering a bunch more pins if accidentally heating them with the soldering iron but does include losing the wire/lead down the socket if you're not careful about the length.
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