Question Ryzen 5600x cinebench r20 score low?


Jul 8, 2012
Ran cinebench r20 and I seem to be getting quite low scores compared to review videos. I’m stuck between 4000-4100. If I enable PBO instead of setting that to auto I achieve 4500 score however my temperatures hit 80 degrees where as with it at auto I’m at 53 degrees. I’m running this on a kraken x53 aio.
To achieve what the reviewers are getting score wise presume they are using PBO?

sort of a bit stuck just wondering if anyone else has this ?

fresh install of windows
up to date bios and chipset drivers

Msi x570 tomahawk mobo
Ryzen 5600x
32gb 3609 Corsair vengeance ram
Rx 5700xt
Running PBO does make the CPU run hotter so that's not unexpected, and even though 80C seems a bit high it should still be safe as Tjmax is 90C (I think). If you want you can set a max platform temperature of something like 85C to make sure it never gets to Tjmax.

So first is: what are you using to report temperature? I'd use HWInfo and look for a CPU Die (average) reading.

Getting the 'best' scores on CB20 is a bit of a trick as it's very sensitive to other apps running in the background.

What I do: make sure nothing starts with Windows, especially things that run in the system tray, and then re-start. First thing after it settles down is open CB20, the second thing is open Taskmanager and set Cinebench to REALTIME priority (in the details tab). Dismiss TaskManager and start the multi-thread BM run.

The system will appear to freeze and not even the mouse pointer will move so you have to wait it out. Run it at least three times in succession to see the effects of the processor heating up, average them together. That's a proper 'best' score.