Question Ryzen 5900X and 3080 Ti custom loop high temperature, possibly misconfigured airflow ?

Jul 31, 2021
Hi everyone, first time posting on this forum. Please let me know if I need to change anything to comply with forum rules.

My system specs are:
ASUS Strix x570 - E Gaming
Ryzen 5900X with default PBO enabled (Hydro X kit CPU XD7)
EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 with resizable bar enabled (not sure if that make any temperature difference) (EK Vector FTW3 water block)
64GB of Curcial Ballistic RAM at 3200mhz with XMP enabled
Mallnox Fiber ethernet adapter and some nvme drives.
Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case (I know... everyone and their grandma are using the O11)

I just built a custom water loop system a week ago.
Most parts are from Corsair, bought the HydroX kit and added another radiator. So I currently have 2 x 360mm radiator (the thinner ones).
Just finished bleeding the system and running some stress test. Not sure if those temperature are normal. I was hoping to have the temperature improved at least some what from the air cooled system. Dont have air cooled temp for reference but I do think the 70 80ish for the components are a bit too hot. So I suspect something is not right.

Here are the temperatures all in Celcius: (I am not sure why I cannot upload google drive images to this post so I attached the link directly)
Note that the temperatures are taken while both CPU AND GPU stress test are running simultaneously.
Ambient temperature: 20 deg
CPU Temp: Idle at 62 deg and Max 79 deg, screenshot taken while running AIDA64 with CPU and FPU stress test
GPU Temp: Idle at 36 deg and Max 70 deg, screenshot taken while running Furmark at native 1440p resolution
Water temp and fan/pump speed (iCUE dashboard):
A Picture of the finished water loop. First timer and I do see some bends not so straight but I can live with those defects for now.

Water flow path: Res -> GPU -> CPU -> Top rad -> Vertical Rad -> Res
Airflow path:
Top rad fans (Noctua A12x25) are pulling so hot air can escape the case
Vertical rad fans (Corsair LL Fans... at least I think thats what they are) are pushing air into the case(questionable and would like some confirmation if this is the correct configuration)
Two more fans (Noctua A12x25 Chromax black edition) at the bottom drawing air from the base into the case,
Rear single exhaust fans (Noctua NF S12A, its an airflow optimized fan) pushing air out of the system

Also had an interesting observation. God of War pushed the GPU to around Max 80 deg not sure if God of War is pushing the GPU harder or Furmark is not pushing it hard enough.

Just want to make sure are those temperature normal? Did some research but didnt find one really match the hardware and watercooling components.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

The inlets and outlets seems to be fine. The reason for saying that is due to the fact that you didn't mention if the temps creeped up to the point where you're seeing thermal throttling, which is an indication that the watercooling loop is at least doing it's job. I do suspect that the fans might've been inadequate for the sort of rads that you picked up since those are high density fin count rads, meaning you need some high static pressure fans, akin tot he NF-P12's. Yes the one's you have have a high static pressure as well, compared to the others on the market but you also mentioned having Corsair fans...? You will need to identify them in order to get some idea of the static pressure you're dealing with.

Ambient room air temps?
Jul 31, 2021
Thank you Lutfij for the quick reply.

Thanks for confirming the loop setup. Really needed that reassurance.

Like you said, I did not see any thermal throttle during the 2hr stress test. The CPU stayed at 4.45GHZ ish while have PBO enabled. GPU I assume have similar status but didnt look specifically into GPU data.

The Corsair fans come with HydroX kit are the QL120 fans. The fan blades shaped like its all purpose fan. Not sure if they are better than the Noctua A12x25 fans but should be doing a decent job since they came from Corsair Hydro X kit right? I do have those Noctua fans on the bottom of the case that I can swap to the vertical radiator do you think that will improve the temp somewhat?

The ambient temp is 20 degree like I mentioned in the initial post. (Got a thermal stats in the living room)

I have seen people with lower temp while having similar cooling configuration.

The only difference is that I have PBO enabled and 3080 ti rather than the 3080 in his post. But at the same time he only have one single 360 rad. Does PBO and Ti variant make it that much hotter? Like 20 degrees hotter?

Maybe the thermal paste came with the water block is not that great?(Honey comb preapplied paste and looks like it is a very thin layer) Maybe reapplying the thermal paste will improve the temperature a bit? (have some spare Arctic Silver 4) Might also put too little when installing the GPU.

If you think this is within specs and everything are within safe temperature range then I think I just set a high expectation for custom water cooling loops. I thought neither the CPU nor the GPU would get pass 60deg but then my assumption doesnt mean anything and based only on Youtube videos and intuition.

Thanks again for providing such useful info and explanation.