Question Ryzen 5900X running (too) hot ?

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Nov 2, 2021
Recently bought a 5900x to futureproof my system for gaming and work. Before this I had a 3700x, using the same cooler. Scythe Mugen PCGH edition. It cooled my 3700x without problem. But now with the 5900x, at some games it reaches higher than 85 degrees. Idle temps are around 38-48. Especially Call of Duty Cold war and Far Cry New Dawn. New Dawn is really bad as it goes to a steady 85 spiking to 88. Other games, like Assassins creed Valhalla runs around high 60s low 70s.

I am at a loss what to do, as I'm not experiencing any fps dips because of the CPU and I read some conflicting reports. Some people are saying that 90 degrees should be fine for the 5900x, but I see other people going max 80 and I would feel more comfortable with those tempratures. Is it time to swap in a new cooler? As it is a relatively cheap air cooler.
Would love to hear your suggestions as I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to return this beast of a cpu.
i am not sure here i don't think its thermal paste since its brand new but that can either be case not having enough airflow and u may need a fan to take ur heat out easier or it is the cooler itself