Question Ryzen 5950X / RTX 3080 dream build turning into nightmare build - any suggestions?

Jan 23, 2021
Hi Tom's Hardware Forum.

Back in november it was time to build a new system. After some research i planned for this build, and started to buy the parts:

  • AMD Ryzen 5950X (watercooled)
  • ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-FI)
  • 64 GB G Skill TridentZ RGB 3600 MHz 16-19-19-39 (4x16)
  • Seagate FireCuda 520 1TB nvme
  • Western Digital Black SN850 1 TB nvme
  • Samsung SSD 860 QVO 2 TB
  • Inno 3D iChill FrostBite GeForce RTX 3080 watercooled
  • Corsair HX850i PSU
  • Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case
  • EK hardline loop with distro plate and 2 x 360 radiators for CPU and GPU and 13 fans (6 fans push/pull on each radiator and 1 for rear exhaust).
Unfortunately it turned out that I had gotten a faulty memory stick. So the memory went back to G Skill for replacement back in November, and I used some old HyperX 2400 MHz memory. But the machine ran okay.

After a long wait (8-10 weeks), I received new memory from G Skill mid January. At the same time I had bought an extra NVME disk (Western Digital Black SN850 1 TB). My plan was to have one Windows install for work on one disk (FireCuda) and one install on the other for gaming (WD Black).

But after installing the new memory and the extra nvme disk, my nightmares started.

The system ran with optimized defaults and PBO turned off and DOCP turned on at 3600 MHz.

Here are some of the different things I experience:

1) First scenario: Computer suddenly freezing up. The screen is still on. The RGB on my keyboard turns off. Reset and power buttons not responsive. I have to take the power from the PSU. This can happen with the windows install on both disks, while browsing the web or just being in a teams meeting or gaming.

2) Second scenario: Suddenly the CPU is using 250+ watt and the MHz goes to 547 and stays around 5-700. Restarting the computer does not help. I need to turn it completely off and on again for the CPU to get back to normal. Games go from around 70-80 fps to 30 fps with a lot of lag. Not sure it only happened while gaming.

3) Third scenario: The computer crashing with black screen. RGB and fans are still on. When I hit reset button the fans and RGB turns off, but the computer does not reset.

4) Fourth scenario: Monitor turns black. RGB turns off. MB Q Code shows "00". HDD led flashes. Reset and power button not working.

G Skill support suggested that I cleared the CMOS and took out the CMOS battery and then ran the machine without DOCP enabled. And if this seemed stable I should then enable DOCP and work my way up though the MHz to 3600.

Running without DOCP seemed stable. I have tried enabling DOCP and adjusting MHz up and down for 1½ weeks now, and getting really tired of not having a stable system. Sometimes the machine can crash after 20 minutes. Other times it can run for 8-10 hours without issued, and then suddenly crash or go into the low MHz mode. Just when I think it has been fixed, then a crash happens after 10 hours.

I have tried running without CPB. Did not help.

I have tried different BIOS versions, and now running the latest beta version 3202. Did not help.

I have tried formatting the system and reinstalling Windows. Did not help.

I have tried four other PSU's. Did not help.

Nothing seems to make the system stable. I am so tired now of trouble shooting this machine and want to know if anyone here have had some of the same issues. I have tried researching on the web. But not found the solution yet.

On a side note, I am very disappointed with the Thermals of the Ryzen 5950X and the performance of my custom loop. Even with this custom loop, the CPU can reach 90+ degrees Celsius under load. In windows it is around 44-52 degrees with no programs running. The GPU rarely goes above 62 degrees under full load for hours. Idle in windows the GPU is 31 degrees. The liquid in the loop is normally around 32, but if the CPU is under load, the liquid temperature can go above 55. So now I have enabled Thermal Throttle in the BIOS on the CPU so it cant go above 65 degrees. Then the loop stays at around 44 while gaming. I kind of expected the loop to be able to cool this system well. I have tried three different positions of the CPU cooling block without any real difference in temperatures. I have used Noctua NT-H1 and NT-H2 paste. I am quite sure that my problems have nothing to do with heat as the crashes can happen during normal windows usage where the components are all cool and with low load.

I think the problem is with either CPU, motherboard or Memory. Or a combination. But the memory is still my main suspect.

My next step is to try and buy some other 3600 MHz memory kit, to see if the system can run stable with this. If this helps I guess I have to make another RMA with G Skill.

If replacing the memory does not help, I think next step will be to buy a cheap B550 board to try out.

Replacing the CPU is out of my budget. So I want to eliminate all the other parts before turning to this as the problem.

Anyone out there having experienced some of the same things i am doing and have any suggestions? All help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards