[SOLVED] Ryzen 7 1700 not boosting correctly

Jul 26, 2020
I recently built a custom rig and have noticed my ryzen 7 1700 is only boosting to 3.18 ghz. I have tried using "msi dragon center" and Msi bios to up the cpu ratio and while it turbos higher once i go above 3.5 ghz my screen goes black and i get the cpu ez debug (I have tried resetting the bios do default and i have XMP enabled to 3200 MHz)

System Specs

Ryzen 7 1700
Gtx 1660 super ventues oc
mobo: msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac
ram: 16 gb corsiar vengeance pro @3200 speed
PSU: Evga supernova G3 550 watt 80 plus gold
storage: crucial bx500 128 gb sssd
crucial mx500 1tb ssd
Cooler: nzxt kraken x52 240 Aio (temps are 30-40 idle and 50-60 under 100% load)


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Out of the box, the 1700 will turbo to around 3.2GHz all-core, I believe. The advertised 3.7GHz is single core (or two core, I forget).

1000 series chips don't have the same boost algorithm that the later chips do (temp/voltage/power limit parameters).

Manually overclocking, you should be able to achieve at least 3.7GHz all-core, maybe even closer to 4.0.
However, start with XMP off. XMP was tougher to achieve on 1000 series, and 2933MHz was a pretty common upper-end. Overclock your CPU first, then look to the RAM. Chances are, XMP won't be stable, especially with an overclocked 1700, but manually tuning the RAM should get you to 2800-2933MHz with the CPU at at least 3.7GHz