Mar 16, 2019
First build was completed last night.
I have noticed that the CPU package temp sits at 30C in idle, which, being in a relatively closed space I find it logical.
But, while under any load (Steam download in this case) the package temp goes to 35C with jumps to 45-47C and cooled down by the fans again.
IMHO these temps don't sound right for such loads. Stock cooler, stock paste.
Is it possible I didn't screw the cooler down as much as needed, or that the readings are somehow incorrect?
It sounds normal for modern CPUs. You could provide system specs, but it's really no concern to see jumps like that just opening a window. Your temps under a sustained load is where it will show whether cooler is properly attached and functioning correctly.
Mar 16, 2019
NZXT H500i case
2x front intake fans (Corsair ML120)
1x back outtake fan (Stock NZXT Case fan)
1x up outtake fan (Stock NZXT Case fan)
Gigabyte Aorus Pro B450 v.1
Ryzen 7 2700
G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz 2x8GB dimms (enabled xmp in BIOS)
Corsair TX550M
And a 1050Ti placeholder till RTX cards start going on good sales.
Currently using CAM and HWMonitor for readings.
CAM right now on a load test has my under load temp at 45C.
OK. Thanks for the update. Temps look fine. I have a 2700X in X470 ITX-based setup, and use HWInfo64 and Ryzen Master to check temps. Also, idle in mid 30s range, but opening a browser, ect. can show near 50C for a second or 2. Load temps in games are mid 60Cs. BTW, nice build.