Question Ryzen 7 2700x Vs Ryzen 5 3600x ?

Jul 24, 2017
thanking anyone in advance for helping me.

I am a bit confused while buying a cpu for my build. Both ryzen7 2700x and ryzen5 3600x are on the same price in india, Or bit up down that doesnt matter.
I want to just game and nothing else.
but if i wish i could do productivity ( video editing or starting a Stream.
so plz suggest me the better choice for my requirements.


Many games like 8 cores. You don't get bandwidth limitations like with 6 cores and 2 using hyperthreading extra. So a game using 8 threads runs better on a 8/16 than a 6/12. IF the IPC was the same. The 3rd gen has a significant boost in IPC over 2nd Gen in IPC, so 8 threads runs the same, if not better on a 6/12 than the older 8/16. But that only applies to games using more than 6 threads. For games using 6 or less it's a core to core battle and 6 cores 3rd gen will stomp all over 6 cores 2nd gen.

The only time the 2700x has a decisive advantage over a 3600 is in games that can and do use more than 12 threads. Which are extremely few.

So the 3600 will be looking at anywhere upto 20fps, or even better, for a good majority of games. Especially considering the sweet spot for 3rd gen ram is 3600, not the 3200 of the 2nd Gen.

3600 is a win-win from almost every direction.
Sep 15, 2019
3600 looks like the clear choice to me.
Well, that and from what I'm seeing is that 3rd gen is having some issues with 3200 that it's not with 3600, but that may just be a ram thing.
Might be the infinity fabric of the new Ryzen 3600 series. 3200 can be fast as 3600mhz if the 3200's timing and the latency is smaller. You might also change the infinity fabric settings in the bios. But i also dont know in depth about the infinity fabric too much.