Question Ryzen 7 3700x High Idle and Workload Temps

Jun 1, 2020
Hi all!

So I have a Ryzen 7 3700x and I have been concerned about my temps under load and in idle. I am running the Ryzen Balanced Plan, with my latest BIOS settings, and the stock Wraith Prism Cooler (does a decent enough job).

In idle (on the Ryzen Balanced Power Plan with PBO enabled) I am getting around 40 to 50 constantly fluctuating (at least in HWMonitor and HWinfo, but stable 40s in Ryzen Master). However, the interesting thing is that if I open or do anything the temps sometimes jump up to high 50s and sometimes even 60s depending on what is happening. Important thing to note is that I also have constantly fluctuating voltages and core clocks. Although I assume this is Ryzen Boost working, voltages range from 1.1 to 1.49, with clocks supporting these voltages from 3590 MHz to 4241 MHz

Under load, (which is mostly gaming), I see high 60s with jumps to high 70s. In Prime95, max temp was 93C and under CPUZ it was high 70s.

Now I have researched a bit and have fiddled around with my power plans, chipset drivers, etc. These haven't seem to help as either the power plans are bugged or the chipset drivers for the x570 motherboard hasn't fully set them up yet. I am missing the Ryzen Power Saver but I disregarded it as it wasn't really what I needed anyway. In the BIOS however, I have enabled DOCP (for 3000 MHz memory), enabled PBO, and set a fan curve.

I am aware that this was a problem in the early days of the 3000 series CPUs with BIOS updates that came in September of 2019 to fix these voltage and PBO problems.

Is there anything I can do to lower these temps to keep it STABLE and not fluctuate like a teen mood swing, as well as temps (if possible) on this CPU. I am also wondering if PBO is actually doing its job like its supposed to, as I really haven't noticed a difference between PBO on Auto and Enabled.

Computer Type: Desktop Custom Build

CPU: R7 3700x PBO enabled.

Motherboard: ASUS Tuf Gaming x570-Plus (Wi-Fi)

RAM: Trident G skill, 2x8gb, DIMM 2 and 4 (grey ones), and DOCP 3000 MHz.

PSU: 750 W

Operating System & Version: Windows 10

Chipset Drivers: