Question Ryzen 7 5700x vs 5700g


Sep 14, 2020
Hi, is the only different Integrated Graphics or should I be worried about anything else? 5700g is a bit less expensive.
@rjn00 : 5700G also has 1/2 the L3 cache which is a significant hit to performance in many games. The 5800X3D's significant performance uplift in games comes from having twice the L3 cache of the 5800X in spite of lower operating points so that's a good comparison.

It also has only 8 PCIE lanes for the GPU slot (the other 8 are dedicated to the iGPU) and as well doesn't support gen 4.
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While I don't think the PCIe lane thing is a problem, considering you'd probably need a halo card for that to matter, the cache thing slipped by me.

If you want a comparison of how well it does in games

(From the 5700G review)

(From the 5700X review)
While I don't think the PCIe lane thing is a problem, considering you'd probably need a halo card for that to matter, ...
That's probably true of the GPU...I remember seeing comparisons of PCIe bandwidth impacts that shows 8 lanes of even PCIe gen2 didn't make a significant impact to gaming except in a few scenarios.

But I do like gen 4 for a system NVME drive though. It seems to help with OS responsiveness when it can get it's code as fast as it can get it. I don't really notice that it matters for my data drives though: my SATA SSD seems as fast as the Gen 3 NVME, if not actually faster at times.
If you intend to add a discrete GPU for gaming, by all means, get the 5700X...or even the 5600X, which had fallen to good prices ($207?) within the last month ...

(Even the 5600X is faster than the 5700G when each is given the same discrete GPU)

If you absolutely can't afford any GPU, then the 5700G is a little faster than the 5600G, but, if at all possible....get a GTX1050Ti/RX6500XT/ GTX 3050 or above..



I own both the 5700G and 5800x.

The 5700G is only PCIe 3.0 so if you have a fast NVME drive, it won't be able to hit over 5000MB/s. When nextgen games start using DirectStorage API, the 5700G won't be as fast in the future.

The 5800X has PCIe 4.0 for those faster newgen PCIe 7000MB/s or higher drives.

5700G in my rig only boosts between 4.5ghz and 4.6ghz. The rated boost is 4.6ghz.
5800x in my rig with a 360mm AIO boosts upwards of 4.8ghz which is 100mhz above the rated boost.

The L3 cache is only 16MB in the 5700G vs 32MB in the 5700x. This only matters in certain games like Star Citizen where the 5800x3D is the reigning king, even over Intel CPU's. In no other games do I notice a difference, even with a 3070ti.

Based on my experience, the 5700x will probably boost to 4.7ghz with a good cooler, so really just a small 100mhz difference from my 5800x. Likely a lower binned 5800x that didn't make the cut.
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