Question Ryzen 7 5800x

Jan 4, 2023
So, since the first day I bought my computer I have been having problems with my CPU wich is a Ryzen 7 5800x. The problem is the temperature, more especificlly that it won't pass 75c.

I have the AMD Ryzen Master installed and I see that the max temp is about 90c but is seems that it don't affect at all. I also tried to change it in the BIOS to 90c but again, nothing changes. I also tried to change the voltage, limit the clock to 3.8hz, using the curve optimizer in the app and nothing seems to happen.

Amost every game i try to play it, when the cpu reaches around 75c the frequency goes way down like to 500mhz or something and my fps almost freezes for 5 secs. Everytime I play i have to open the computer case and put a vent on it.

I have a 120mm water cooler, 2 fans venting hot air out and 2 venting fresh air in.

I haven't changed nothing in the windows systems nor in the bios. Everything is running default and I have no more clue on what to do.
120mm water cooler is weaker than twin tower air cooler, but it still should be capable of cooling 5800x
in bios you might want to configure pump speed, to be running at max speed, if its running too slow, that would limit water flow

btw use hwinfo64, cpu has multiple temperature sensors, hwinfo can see all of them