Question Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G is hitting high CPU speeds on it's own ?

Jun 4, 2023
So i got a b550 gigabyte elite v2 and ryzen 7 Pro 4750G with 32gb of ram on 3200mhz for 250$ from my brother.
And i bought a rtx 3070ti for around 400$ brand new also, i was watching some specification for this processor and apperently it says:

Max. Boost Clock
Up to 4.4GHz

I installed hw monitor and i can see it reaching 5.0ghz on it's own. everything is on default settings, from bios to windows 10(fresh windows on new m.2) is this a normal?
I once saw it reach 5.250mhz on one of the cores. Temperatures are up to 60 , and i have deepcool assassin cooler.

I know ryzen CPU can overclock itself with precision overboost and some other internal stuff but seems kinda high to overclock itself for 600mhz+ and its a 8 core cpu with 16 threads