Discussion Ryzen 7000 series instability - check your memory settings

I recently built out a 7950X CPU, B650E Aorus Master motherboard, 2x16GBs Corsair 6200MTs CL36 DDR5.

I'm still in the testing/tweaking phase, but it appears that memory power down needs to be enabled for stability. With AM3 systems, this setting is supposed to be disabled to help with stability/overclocking, now it appears to be the opposite. It could be related to running the memory kit in XMP mode since it doesn't have EXPO timings, but I'm chalking it up to immature BIOS for now.

I haven't started tweaking memory timings yet. I'm getting a Cinebench R23 score of 38396 on a C-type Dark Rock TF 2 CPU cooler (a separate experiment). ;)