News Ryzen 9 3900X Prices Have Gone Up Roughly 16% Amidst Shortage


Oct 19, 2011
I hope the MSRP has not increased. I've been waiting for the 3900X to come back in stock and will not support scalpers. A higher MSRP makes upgrading less appealing.
I hope the MSRP has not increased. I've been waiting for the 3900X to come back in stock and will not support scalpers. A higher MSRP makes upgrading less appealing.
I kind of doubt the MSRP has been raised. If that were the case, you would likely see more consistency in the pricing. The stores are probably just increasing prices to whatever they think people will be willing to pay. It's a lot like what we saw when there was a shortage of graphics cards last year due to crypto mining. The MSRPs didn't increase, but since the retailers were selling out of the cards as soon as they got more in stock, they raised prices to make the best of it. If no one else reliably has the product in stock at MSRP, and there are people willing to pay the higher prices, it kind of makes sense from a business perspective.

And paying a premium can still be considered worthwhile to many of the customers buying a processor like this. It may be on a "mainstream" platform, but the 3900X is clearly geared toward a more niche professional audience rather than mainstream users. For those whose profession can truly benefit from having a 12-core, 24-thread processor, paying a 15% premium on the chip can still be considered very reasonable when the closest competition from Intel costs twice as much. And if the higher price deters many of those who don't really have an actual "need" for such a processor, that could actually be considered a good thing for those that do, since it may be a bit easier for them to get hold of one. Someone buying a CPU for gaming, or general "enthusiast" PC use, might be better served by some other processor anyway, and if they really want one, they can probably wait until stock is more widely available some months down the line.

By the way, its worth pointing out that the 9900K was also unavailable at its MSRP for many months following its launch. Despite having a $488 MSRP, Newegg had it priced a very similar $580 for its first couple months on the market, and Best Buy only occasionally had it in stock for $530, based on PCPartPicker's price history graph. They don't list Amazon pricing, but I believe it was similar to Newegg's when in stock. Then, after a couple months, you started to see wider availability at more outlets, though it was still priced around $540-550, before settling around $530, where it stayed until about 6 months after launch, when it finally started dropping near its MSRP, under $500.

...the Ryzen 9 3900X has gone up in price in a little more than three month's time since the chip's release...
Shouldn't that be "less" than three months? Third-gen Ryzen only came out in July.
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Update 9/28/2019 6:00am PT: AMD responded and confirmed that it hasn't raised the official pricing for the Ryzen 9 3900X, meaning that these price hikes are solely at the discretion of retailers.

I like when you are spinning things, Making the allusion, stirring up people and been regressing after the fact when having the official word.
A limited supply of 3900X CPUs pretty much guarantees raised prices, and if/when instantaneous quick sell-outs continue, more raised prices....until lack of demand at said price reduces prices...

Classic demand vs. market pricing action in play....


Sep 25, 2019
Was able to get my 3900x for $560 with free overnight shipping.

I'd take that over waiting and waiting forever. But seems I got it at a bargain
I'm glad I got mine a long time ago direct from AMD's website. Signed up for their notification when in stock, and saw the email come through. Gotta be quick though, sold out within 10 minutes of getting the email.

Olle P

Apr 7, 2010
There are local variations to this. In Sweden the prices dropped slightly the first few days after release and since then they've stayed put.
Available in stock from about SEK 5,900 (roughly USD 475 plus taxes).