[SOLVED] Ryzen 9 3950X Inconsistent Clock Speeds


Aug 20, 2015
For context I used to run a Ryzen 5 2500G and was always overclocking that.

This is my first 3rd gen Ryzen, I'm not planning on overclocking it, so I'm just running it at the default settings.

The weird thing is windows is reporting some really inconsistent clock speeds, It's base clock is 3.49 GHz, but windows is telling me that it's all over the place. I've seen it hit as high as 4.7 GHz and as low as 2.1, while I'm typing this it's chilling at 2.18

I didn't notice this on my last processor, so I'm wondering if this is normal, a windows problem, or a problem with the CPU.
Oh ok, thanks for the info.

I'm still surprised that unchanged this thing is hitting 4.7 sometimes
Why are you surprised, it's supposed to do that ? Just one thing, it's not whole "Processor" that runs at that frequency but only one core with other ones lagging up to 200-300MHz behind that core depending on load.
Ryzen Master can show you which and how many cores frequency runs under various loads.