Question Ryzen 9 or i9? Msfs2020

May 17, 2020
Hi. I haven’t been about the PC world for probably around 15 years and a heck of a lot has changed. I’m looking to buy a pre built machine for roughly £2,300/400 and am not sure whether to go for a Ryzen 9 or i9. I would build myself however do not have the confidence/time and would rather by one which offers a warranty period in case something goes wrong! I’m purchasing for the new fs2020 and am keen to get one within the next week or two. I’m looking at chillblast and cyber gaming! Both Ryzen and i9 in my eyes look very similar but hoping to get some advice from this if possible.
Microsoft recently released the system requirements for fs2020, and the systems they use for the 4k trailers and screen shots is only a 2700x/9800x and 32gb ram. So from their, If you're looking for that kind of experience, look into getting a ryzen 7 3700x if its cheaper and putting the rest into the gpu and the 32gb of ram.

idk what cyber gaming is, but from chillblast, the arrangement would be like this:
CPU: ryzen 7 3700x
PSU: corsair RM650x
GPU: RTX 2080 super
Cooler: NH u12s
Motherboard: Any x570
RAM: 2x16gb 3200mhz(they only have trident z or slower generic 2666mhz)
OS drive: 500gb 970 evo
The total would be around £2300 , but you could save some by not getting the trident z ram and buying your own 2x16gb 3200 or 3600mhz ram for ~£150. The storage ssd's are also very overpriced, so I'd suggest adding one yourself later on.
An identical 9900k build would cost ~£2550

I do not know if these prices are before or after VAT.
If you're considering the Intel side of things you may want to wait a week or 2. The release of 10th gen will basically give you a 9900k for about 100ish less in the firm of the 10700k.

I'm sure the prebuilts will offer these chips soon after public release, if not slightly ahead of that.

I'm still patiently waiting an actual release date for fs2020. Unless you're part of the alpha build or an insider, we have zero clue on actual release. Other than 2020.

But it seems for best experience an 8 core cpu, 32gb of ram and a solid GPU(2070S or better) will be required. Hoping my 7700/2080/16gb still holds up, if not I'll be considering 10th gen vs ryzen myself.

One other thing to consider is how often prebuilts skimp on cooling. often providing subpar cooling for the 9900k. Ryzen is easier to cool, and honestly looking at specs, fs2020 will be more core dependent than speed dependent. Making a ryzen cheaper for the same or more cores.
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