Question Ryzen Master crashed computer, now won't boot

May 16, 2020
Hi, the issue I'm having is quite similar to this post, but obviously I've read that and tried everything there, to no avail.
My specs are:

Ryzen 5 3600
16gb g.skill ripjaws V 2666
Asus Prime B450-M
Aorus Xtreme Gaming 1080Ti
2x Samsung 860 Evos

The issue started tonight, this is my brother's machine that I helped him build and it's been running fine for around 6 months now. He's interested in building but has never overclocked it so tonight I downloaded ryzen master and had a look at the settings, as I've only ever used intel in the past and on my personal PC so I wanted to see what kind of options there were. I didn't want to mess with anything too complicated so I decided to go with the gaming-> auto overclock option and see what it was like.

As soon as I hit apply, the PC froze, and after leaving it for a few minutes and coming back to it still frozen I tried to turn it off, but the power button wasn't working, so I turned it off at the power supply. Now when I turn it on, the LEDs in the fans, aio and mobo turn on, and the case fans, rad fans, and gpu fans turn on, but it won't post and the keyboard and mouse don't seem to work, regardless of what usb port I plug them into.

I've tried:
resetting the CMOS several times by taking out the CMOS battery and waiting several minutes before putting it back in. read somewhere that you need to short the CMOS by pressing the power button while the battery is unplugged to dissipate the stored power and wipe it, not sure if that's true but I tried that as well
booting without the CMOS battery in at all.

various states of breadboarding all the way down to just the cpu, cooler, and a stick of ram.
In doing this I've reseated all components, including the CPU.

I would try booting in safe mode as has been suggested but I can't find any way to do that without a keyboard, except one method which said to turn the PC off over and over again as soon as the motherboard splash screen showed up but that's never happened and my power button doesn't seem to be working to turn the PC off anyway, so no luck there.

Really at a loss here, if anyone has any experience with these kinds of issues, or has any wisdom they could offer, that would be awesome.
Jun 27, 2020
i have same problem with ryzen master.
my pc part list:
x570 tuf asus
32gb gskill neo 3600
nzxt x53 liquid cooler
rtx 2060super
psu 650 coolermaster 80 plus gold