[SOLVED] Ryzen Master Killed My PC

Oct 19, 2020
Ryzen Master may have killed my pc not sure! Can anyone help.

Ryzen 5 1600AF
2x8gb Corsair DDR4
GTX 1060 3GB

I was minding my business when I thought it was a good idea to overclock my ram! I did so using the Ram Speed Slider on Ryzen Master. And afterwards I cleaned my pc and now I have a black screen! Does anyone know what happened? PS. I did not mess with voltages and I reset the CMOS probably 30+ times using battery and jumper and it did nothing.

RE: I SOLD MY MOTHERBOARD AND THE RAM I OVERCLOCKED AND NOW IM GETTING NEW PARTS< If i put a the old cpu that I used in the overclocked pc. If its dead will it harm my motherboard? Thanks :)

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You shouldnt OC your ram past what its rated to run. The cpu can be used to test if it works
I was minding my business when I thought it was a good idea to overclock my ram!

That's really so true...you make it your business when you think it a good idea to overclock. Hard to blame Ryzenmaster for that.

And yes, if the CPU really is faulty it is possible for it to harm a new motherboard. If it has an internal short to ground that would possibly damage the VRM, for instance, although I can't imagine that likely to happen if just memory was overclocked.
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Pitbull Tyson

Oct 28, 2020
use bios and xmp settings for future RAM oc.

same with cpu.

gpu is only piece of hardware id reccomend ocing via software.
I agree with bigtime. A CPU can not just die. Firstly your computer shuts off to protect CPU when it reaches TJ MAX. Have you check the temp of CPU in BIOS or no?👶💯