Question Ryzen + RAM strangeness. 2200G + ASRock AB350 Pro 4 + 2x8GB Ballistix Tactical (RGB), Shows RAM as "single channel" and can't control RGB.

May 2, 2019
I have a Ryzen 2200G in an ASRock AB350 Pro 4 motherboard.

So far it's been absolutely perfect for me. The 2200G worked immediately without having to use a non APU chip to update it.

My 1TB NVMe is working flawlessly after a firmware update.

I had 2x4GB RAM that I just got because it was cheap and I had to wait on an upgrade. I knew it probably wouldn't run at full speed in this motherboard and it didn't.

I searched on ASRock's site for which RAM I could get where I could run 4 pieces and get full speed, I ended up with the Ballistix 8GB (BLT8G4D30BET4K) got two of them for now, planning to get 2 more next month.
Now for my issues/questions.

1) If I have both RAM modules in A1 and A2, they run at full speed (well, 2933, close enough). The BIOS says they're in "single channel mode". Is that correct? (I assume so)

2) If I put one module in A1 and one module in B1, it absolutely won't run at speed, or ANY speed besides non XMP profile speed of 2200. Luckily the motherboard tests the changes then reboots to the previous settings on failure.

3) I absolutely cannot control the RGB on these modules. Not from the BIOS, not from the ASRock RGB app for this motherboard. They're stuck as a sickly bile yellow color.

So my questions are really just... if I get 2 more of these modules will they work at full speed? (ASRock's spec sheet claims they will) and is there any way to get the damned color to change? It's hideous.
Thanks in advance!


1) Yes, they are in single channel mode, if you installed them in A1/A2. Like you did other format in A1/B1 or A2/B2, then the RAM will be in dual channel mode.

2) Check your MB to see it has the newer BIOS or not. If it does not, update the BIOS. But keep in mind, the BIOS update may or may brick the MB, if you don't do it right.
Also update the MB chipset driver too:

3) You need the software to control the RGB.

And read the linker for Ryzen RAM tweak and oc guide to see you can sovle the speed problem or not, don't buy more RAM yet.