Question Ryzen Situation - 4K PC on budget $1400?

Jayant Arora

Mar 2, 2014
Hey Guys!!

I know there's already a post exist for 4K budget PC build guide.
I'm confused and frustrated because i cant decide what choose and there are reasons for it. I'm suffering from too much price variation due to taxes and supply issues in my country.
I live in india and since 2018 taxes on pc hardware went upto 25-30%. for e.g A RAM module in US of USD $100 will cost USD $125-130 in india.
Price drops that runs in US, at times won't even reach here and product supplies ends before that. For e.g. Ryzen 2700 is now USD 185-210 but in india is still $285-$300 and supply is about to end already.
Another example is AMD 5700XT price drops. This GPU so scarce here that it cost same as RTX 2070 Super [Reference or Third party doesn't matter]. Price drop on latter never happened. So u can know that market here is messed up.

Here is what i need guidance on. I need to a powerful PC for gaming[40%] and productivity[60%] and my budget is MAX $1400. I need to buy CPU, GPU, RAM and MOBO under $1400. [USD 1400 = Rs. 100,000]

This is what i have currently: Intel i5 4460 + Hyper X DDR3 16GB 1600MHZ[4x4] CAS 9-9-9[on XMP] + ASUS STRIX GTX 970 4GB [1330 MHZ OC ed] + MSI Z87-G43 +crucial BX100 500G on Seasonic S12 II 620 Bronze PSU. I made this build in 2014.
I have IPS 1080p 75hz monitor[5ms] and 4K HDR 60Hz TV[15ms-16ms].
Unfortunately my tv doesn't support 1440p resolutions and only support 1080p and 4k resolutions.

My current build is lacking too much on productivity. It could've survived a year or more but doing 1080p gaming only. Now i do more productivity tasks than gaming , i use IntelliJ, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Unity and Some times Light Photoshop. Say i'm running client app on android studio and Server application on IntelliJ. If i run two IDE's together CPU just can't handle it.[Both of these are memory and CPU hogs.]

I ve' seen benchmarks for programming tasks, and Ryzen CPUs are better at compiling code than intel CPUs because of Higher Cache and Core Count.
For gaming i play more AAA+ titles and less Multiplayer. Now i mostly play on Tv than monitor.
As per availability in india. Let's start with what i can buy in Sep 2019 [NOW] and prices i'm going to mention are in India Only with GST and Import Taxes included: [Rs. = I N R = Indian Rupees] [$ =U S D = US Dollar]
Ryzen 3900X USD $620 [Rs. 43500]
Ryzen 3700X USD $396 [Rs. 27500]
Ryzen 3600X USD $285 [Rs. 20000]
Ryzen 2700 USD $285 [Rs. 20000]

AMD 5700XT USD $635 [Rs. 44500]
NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super USD $660 [Rs. 46500]
NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super USD $910 [Rs. 63500]

MOBO[Budget Only]:
Asus x570 Prime P USD $237[Rs. 16500]
MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX USD $152[Rs. 10700]

RAM[MAX 3600Mhz]
Trident Z Neo 3200Mhz [16CAS] USD $148[Rs. 10300]
Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz[18CAS] USD $188[Rs. 13300]
Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz[16CAS] USD $218[Rs. 15300]

In unforeseen future say March 2020 we can consider some future components:

Ryzen 3950X USD $900[Rs. 63000][Early November 2019]
We may see a price drop of $50-$70 on other AMD 3rd gen CPUs in 2020.

MOBO[Budget Only]:
Asus B550 TOMAHAWK USD $157[Rs. 11500] [May be pcie 4.0 and better VRM]

I'm expecting prices to drop by march 2020 Should i wait or buy now, also cuurently prices are so high that i can;t figure out a possible powerful budget 4K build, CPU + GPU alone costs $1200 no space/budget for mobo and ram fits.

Please guide.

And Yes leaving my country is another option, i should apply for work visa for US and i should move there..[ i'm frustrated !!] and then i can buy anything on real prices with peace.
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