Question Ryzen stuck in boost, temp errors


Feb 10, 2017
My Ryzen 3600 seems to be stuck in a boost of 4.1ghz all of the benchmark tests I've done including in stats in task manager.

My temps are highish 40 / 50c idle using a liquid cooler with low cpu usage, has gone above that underload but have not been able to see the result for the second issue I'm having, temps not showing other than in ryzen master and bios. Speedfan, hwmonitor and msi afterburner don't show cpu or motherboard temps and unable to change fan speeds.

I'm using the same os install as my old gigabyte board, had an fx 8350 oc with all Cores on, maybe a leftover bios setting in hdd?

Gigabyte Auros Elite, ryzen 3600.
Well, first of all, the overclocking of Ryzen changes a bit from how you would just OC most pre-6c/8c CPUs. Now the "turbo" speed becomes really relevant as the temperature is shared across the whole CPU, so pegging your CPU at 4.1Ghz is actually making you lose some performance in software can uses less than all 6 cores.

That being said, I suggest you try reading a bit about Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO for short) on AMD Ryzen CPUs and try to configure your motherboard to make the best of it.

If you want to have "old days" OC with the CPU, then use a minus off-set at 1.4v, with the off-set in Auto until you find a range that works. As for max speed, the Ry3600 should be able to cope with 4.5Ghz, supposedly, so try that.

As for the temperatures, if you OC all cores to their upper limit, it will get hot. There's just no way around it.

Did not oc it or turn on boost its just stuck at 4.1
Oh, I missed the bit where you said you were using the same OS install. That's a bad idea, even if you install over. Go through the pain of a clean install, first of all.

As for why it's working at 4.1Ghz, it could be a BIOS problem. Have you tried updating the BIOS image?

In any case, this doesn't invalidate what I told you originally.

Latest bios version 40.a, updated from two previous to get the new ryzen working on this motherboard, f32 and f40.
Is there a way for you to find the change list of each BIOS version and see if they had any experimental stuff in? The ".a" of your version makes me think this is an experimental version, so it could, well, have issues. I suggest you try the first stable BIOS version.



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