Ryzen vs. Intel

Sep 25, 2018
Should I get the i7 8700k or the Ryzen 2700x, the 8 core Threadripper 1900X, or a budget Intel x series processor? I want the cpu with the best performance out of these. Price does not matter. I would like a future proof build, and my graphics card is a rtx 2080. I like to game, watch movies and watch YouTube. Is Ryzen more future proof? When will Intel 9th gen come out? When will Ryzen 3rd gen come out? Which of these CPUs is the best for me?
Personally for your use case of gaming, movies and youtube etc...Intel have the edge in raw horse power, especially on the gaming side...2 problems, one the 8700K pricing has gone through the roof due to 14nm production shortages and at $400 now it is very hard to recommend, even from a 8700K user like me who absolutely loves the performance of this CPU..it is stellar...The 8700K is perfect for your use case in every way...

Secondly and probably more important is the imminent release of the 9600K, 9700K and 9900K (9900K = the 8 core 16 thread 5GHz stock monster with soldered IHS so overclocks over 5GHz could be the norm now) soon to launch in October, so anytime in the next couple of weeks. I would wait and see how these perform and what the pricing is...

Finally, you cannot go wrong with Ryzen either..The 2700X is a more than competent CPU that will handle pretty much everything you throw it's way though you get more out of it on the productivity side and of course it is cheaper.

If money is no issue, I would wait a couple of weeks on the 9900K and then make a decision...
The only reason I did not mention Threadripper is that for your use case of gaming, video, you tube etc, it just wont be a good fit and the Intel side will drive more frame rates in gaming period...and as importantly get the maximum out of the RTX 2080..
Aug 27, 2018
If the 8700k is going up in price due to 14nm shortage then the 9900k and 9700k will be absurdly priced and probably almost impossible to get, as they say a "paper launch". This 14nm shortage is ridiculous. I am hoping AMD counters with the 2800x, whatever it may be. Got a ROG Crosshair VII on standby, its going to be a 2700x or 2800x next build. With your 2080 if ray tracing is possible at decent fps then higher core count/threads may be needed according to BFV developers, which any of the cpu's you mentioned would work.