Ryzen5 2400g system won't post or boot

Mar 2, 2018
Hello! I just got done putting together my PC.
Ryzen 5 2400g
Ab350 pro4 Mobo
Corsair vengance 2x8gb 2666mhz
Crucial 250gb SSD.
Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb aio.
Windows 7 64bit
When I click the power button the whole system turns on and runs for about 25 seconds then off for about 3 seconds and repeats over over and over.

I've gone over it all and made sure all is plugged in and plugged in correctly. This is my first build and I need help so any response would be helpful! Thanks!!
May 1, 2018
I got the same config. I think the other Ryzen CPU's work with WIN7, but the G series seem to be incompatible (due to GPU on chip?). I got a Desktop 2000 ready copy of the Asrock mobo, even updated to 4.7, but get the
Mobo is not fully ACPI compliant message after windows tries to load files. Using ODD & PS2.

Solution is either use Win 10 (rather not) or exchange for non G series Ryzen. If anyone can prove me wrong, please do. I've seen videos of Ryzen running on windows 7, but not the 2400G.

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